Hi all! I am Anusha Thakur from Manava Bharati India International School. I study in class VIII-B. I am usually called Ana by my friends. I love making new friends and i have got a lot of friends. People say that I am never at a loss of words and can talk to anyone for hours together.
My interests and Hobbies
I love to read novels, Rollerblade, listen to music and chat on internet. I love Chinese and Italian food. Pasta, pizza and dimsums are my favorite food. Another thing I like to do is quizzing. I have participated in many quizzes and have won many trophies and certificates. I also write stories in my free time. I love shopping too.
My Nature
I am a girl with a very sweet and friendly nature. Sometimes I become stubborn and do what I want to but this is a problem with every teenager.
The Aim and Motto of My Life
My aim in life is to be an eye specialist and my motto in life is an eye for an eye makes the world blind.
Meaning of my Name
The meaning of my name is- someone who resembles the morning sun rays. Just like the sun rays, I'm calm and sweet.

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